Software Engineering Competencies

Our software engineering competencies revolve around business analysis and architectural design of business and Web applications. We have specialised expertise at the frontiers of data science and software engineering, especially in the following domains.

Cloud-based Application and Service Development
Our team is fully experienced in designing and developing for the Cloud, particularly using Amazon web services (AWS). Our experience includes setting up scalable, secure, and cost effective solutions for small and medium enterprises. We also provide a range of consulting services to assist migration of existing applications into the cloud.

Architectures for big data management, analysis and dissemination
Through well-recognised peer-reviewed research, we have developed systematic methods to conduct business analysis and engineer robust service-oriented architectures that support business data needs; whether it be Cloud-based distributed data storage, automated complex data processing, or open data sharing platforms.

Web Applications and Services Development
Our team has extensive Web front-end UI development experience using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies. We are also knowledgeable in using Java JSP/Servlet and Microsoft ASP.NET technologies for Web server back-end development. We also have experience in the development of SOAP-based Web services and RESTful Web services using Java technology or Microsoft’s ASP.NET technology. We have successfully developed WSDL Web services using the Apache Axis2 framework, and RESTful Web services using the Jersey and ASP.NET Web API frameworks.

Mobile app development
Our team is experienced in Apple iOS app development using Objective-C or Apache Cordova (previously known as PhoneGap). We have engaged in iOS app development since version 2.0 of iOS (known as iPhone OS at the time), and we are still actively developing apps using the latest Xcode versions.

Database Design and Development
Almost all applications and services in existence today require the use of databases for data storage and management. We have extensive experience in semantic modelling technologies as well as traditional database design and development, integrating traditional relational database systems such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server with Web applications and Web services. Additionally, we also possess specialised development experience in utilising distributed, Cloud-based database frameworks such as Apache Cassandra and Apache Hadoop.