Business Competencies

We pride ourselves on being highly qualified professionals possessing a broad range of business and technical knowledge achieved through many years of academic research in cooperation with key industry partners. In addition to academic researchers, our team also comprises senior practising software engineers with expertise gained through many years of industrial experience working in finance (financial planning and advice, wealth management, banking, financial markets), commerce (supply chain management, enterprise systems) and education (elearning, corporate training).

Collaboration-intensive business and analysis process improvement
We possess knowledge that can help businesses to elicit hidden and implicit collaboration-intensive business processes and automate them through scientific workflow and business process management technology, thereby improving business efficiency and productivity.

Event analytics
We specialize in modelling and designing systems that gather, process and analyse events from different sources including social networks. This includes rule-driven complex event pattern processing solutions to detect patterns and predict trends.

Financial systems
The competencies above have been used in the context of financial systems in a range of projects ranging from system integration to financial data analysis. In particular, we have developed solutions for time series analysis, sentiment analysis and utilising novel visualisations that combine multiple types of data.

Supply chain management
We have developed a range of cloud based software services and tools that facilitate the exchange of business documents in supply chains for small and medium enterprises. Most of our customers operate in Europe and in automotive, retail, insurance, and finance sectors.